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Meet our team who exemplify the KW mission statement:  To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.

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Dan Cholewa- Team Leader
Dan Cholewa’s responsibility is to make KW Urbain the real estate company of choice. Dan ensures that our brokers receive world-class training and coaching programs, first-class technology and the tools needed to grow their businesses, resulting in careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.

E-mail :
Cell: (514) 600 1234


Maureen Barnett: Market Center Administrator (MCA)
Maureen Barnett is our CFO and Office Manager. She is responsible for ensuring that the finances are well managed and the office running like clockwork.

Phone: (514) 869 1111 ext: 128


Tom Duffy - Manager of Professional Practices
Tom Duffy is responsible for managing KW Urbain’s professional practices within the context of the Real Estate Brokerage Act. He is responsible for legal and contractual questions as well as faltour questions.

Email : 
Cell: 514-501-4960


Jane Whittaker– MCA's Assistant
Jane Whittaker is our MCA`s assistant and she will be happy to answer all of your questions with respect to matters pertaining to office administration.  She is responsible for all matters/questions pertaining to brokers commision, checks and invoices. She also handles broker’s files and as well as provides guidance on 
Phone: (514) 868 1111 ext: 149


Chrystiane Gaudet – Broker Services Co- Ordinator and Event Planner.
Chrystiane Gaudet is responsible for meeting our broker`s needs, starting right from orientation. She also helps out with communication including our newsletter, social media and our website as well as administration for our Associate Leadership Council. 

Phone: (514) 868 1111 ext: 125


Sandra Morin and Gerline Erizias: Director of First Impressions
Sandra morin is our full-time smiling face and voice at our reception desk and is happy to give you a hand whenever you need it.

Gerline Erizias is our part-time smiling face and voice at reception during the weekend.
They are both responsible for the newsletter, communicating on behave of immocontact messages, registration for training sessions as well as reserving rooms.
Both can be reached either by calling the main office number: (514) 868 1111 or by e-mail




KW Urbain Office Hours

Monday to Friday:  9 am - 5pm

Saturday to Sunday: 9am - 5pm